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Mental Health Act 1983 Statutory Forms

Since 3/11/08, when most of the changes made by the Mental Health Act 2007 came into force, new statutory forms have had to be used.

England Wales
In England, forms must comply with the Mental Health (Hospital, Guardianship and Treatment) (England) Regulations 2008.

The Department of Health's official pink forms, together with the CQC's Word-format treatment forms (T1-6), are published below with permission from the respective organisations.

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  • SLAM guidelines for disclosure, 22/10/10 - This Trust's policy is now (a) to provide copies of section papers on request as soon as reasonably practicable; (b) in connection with hearings, to provide access to records if the RC has not objected within 24 hours; and (c) in other circumstances, to provide access to records under the DPA, urgently if appropriate.
In Wales, forms must comply with the Mental Health (Hospital, Guardianship, Community Treatment and Consent to Treatment) (Wales) Regulations 2008.

The Welsh Assembly Government have produced forms which are available free of charge.

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Welsh forms on "HOWIS" website. Ignore the "error code 404" and click "Proceed"...

English forms


Thalamos is a bespoke software solution for completing Mental Health Act forms digitally, across any device. Their service will be free during the coronavirus emergency, and at least until September 2020. They have agreed to pay me a referral fee for any paying customers who had first arrived via Mental Health Law Online, so please click on this special link to the Thalamos website and/or use this email link to contact them. If you go on to use their service after September, please make sure to remind them about MHLO :-)

Admission forms

Hospital forms

Guardianship forms

Miscellaneous forms

Treatment forms

  • Form T1 section 57 - certificate of consent to treatment and second opinion: PDF | Word
  • Form T2 section 58(3)(a) - certificate of consent to treatment: PDF | Word
  • Form T3 section 58(3)(b) - certificate of second opinion: PDF | Word
  • Form T4 section 58A(3) - certificate of consent to treatment (patients at least 18 years old): PDF | Word
  • Form T5 section 58A(4) - certificate of consent to treatment and second opinion (patients under 18): PDF | Word
  • Form T6 section 58A(5) - certificate of second opinion (patients who are not capable of understanding the nature, purpose and likely effects of the treatment): PDF | Word

CTO forms