Legal Aid and coronavirus

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Remote hearings

The LAA have confirmed that level 3 payments will be paid for remote hearings: Legal Aid Agency, 'Coronavirus (COVID-19): remote working' (14/4/20).

The adjourned hearing fee is also payable in the circumstances set out in new rules: Legal Aid Agency, 'Civil news: fee rules change for mental health remote hearings' (16/7/20).

Evidence of means

The guidance in Legal Aid Agency, 'Coronavirus (COVID-19): working with clients' (14/4/20) states: "Where a client is staying at home, it may still be possible to collect evidence by email or post. Reasonable efforts to collect evidence should still be made and recorded, before assessing without evidence if that is not possible. … When the LAA assess Civil or Crime Applications under any scheme we will exercise the same discretion as above. Providers should submit what evidence they have available and highlight any issues they have had collecting other documentation."

The guidance refers to specification paragraph 3.24 which states: “You may assess the prospective Client’s means without the accompanying evidence where: (a) it is not practicable to obtain it before commencing the Controlled Work; (b) pre signature telephone advice is given; or (c) exceptionally, the personal circumstances of the Client (such as the Client’s age, mental disability or homelessness) make it impracticable for the evidence to be supplied at any point in the case.”


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