Responsible Medical Officer

Change made by MHA 2007 from 3/11/08: Responsible Clinician replaces Responsible Medical Officer.

Old definition

The registered medical practitioner, generally a consultant psychiatrist, in charge of the patient's treatment. The full definition was in s34:

"the responsible medical officer" means [(except in the phrase "the community responsible medical officer")]—
(a) in relation to a patient [who is] liable to be detained by virtue of an application for admission for assessment or an application for admission for treatment [or who is to be subject to after-care under supervision after leaving hospital], the registered medical practitioner in charge of the treatment of the patient;
(b) in relation to a patient subject to guardianship, the medical officer authorised by the local social services authority to act (either generally or in any particular case or for any particular purpose) as the responsible medical officer.
"the community responsible medical officer", in relation to a patient subject to after-care under supervision, means the person who, in accordance with section 117(2A)(a) below, is in charge of medical treatment provided for him;

See also

See Ministry of Justice page for some guidance documents for RMOs of restricted patients.


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