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The Magic Book is a database of contact details which currently contains 304 pages.

Please add anything from your address book, for everybody's benefit: people (e.g. experts) and places (e.g. hospitals and courts). Just type the name of a place or person in the box below (you can click on any suggestion which appears) and click "Create or edit". There is no need to log in - the process is quick and simple.

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Advocacy Service

Advocate (Barrister)

Approved Clinician (MHA)


Barristers' chambers

Best Interests Assessor (DoLS)

Clinical Commissioning Group

Community Hospital

Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

Consultant Nurse

Costs Draftsmen


Court of Protection Coordinator

CQC inspector

Government body

Home Treatment Team

Hospital - NHS

Hospital - NHS Low Secure

Hospital - private

Independent AMHP

Independent BIA

Independent Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Independent Hospitals

Independent investigations

Independent Mental Health Provider

Independent Nurse Consultant

Independent psychiatrist

Independent social worker

Law firm


Local Authority

Local Authority legal team

MCA Lead

Mental capacity assessor

Mental health resource service

MHA Office

Nurse Prescriber

Personality disorder expert

Private company

Recovery Service

Regulatory body

Representative body

Senior Accredited Paralegal


Specialist FE college

Supervisory Body




Trust HQ