Independent investigations

Strategic Health Authorities must commission independent investigations (e.g. when a homicide has been committed by a patient) in accordance with Government guidance. [This page needs to be updated.]


The quotation below is from the Independent investigation of adverse events in mental health services guidance.

An independent investigation should be undertaken in the following circumstances:

  • when a homicide has been committed by a person who is or has been under the care, i.e. subject to a regular or enhanced care programme approach, of specialist mental health services in the six months prior to the event.
  • when it is necessary to comply with the State’s obligations under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Whenever a State agent is, or may be, responsible for a death, there is an obligation on the State to carry out an effective investigation. This means that the investigation should be independent, reasonably prompt, provide a sufficient element of public scrutiny and involve the next of kin to an appropriate extent.
  • where the SHA determines that an adverse event warrants independent investigation, for example if there is concern that an event may represent significant systemic service failure, such as a cluster of suicides.

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