Escape fee cases

Escape fee cases are mentioned in The mental health fee scheme.

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  • Escape case guidance. Legal Aid Agency, 'Escape Case Electronic Handbook' (v2.3, 1/8/23) — Changes from previous version are listed in Appendix 12 as being: Added highlight boxes for regulations and guidance; 5.1 Simplified admin cost guidance; 5.5 Added reference to appointment as well as hearing; 5.15 Updated to reflect new CAFCASS rate for ISW; 5.16 Updated paragraph numbers on Guidance document, Added guidance on when the codified rate can be exceeded; 5.31 Removed reference to priority returns, Added new rates for accommodation; 7.8 Updated scenario 1 to reject to reflect current process; 8.1 Added table to confirm when we reject and assess; 8.2 Removed reference to attaching checklist to claim, Removed reference to FI and phone calls; 8.4 Update reference to claim fix rather than reject fix; 8.5 Removed section as now in s8.1
  • Escape fee guidance. Legal Aid Agency, 'Guidance for electronic submission of Escape Case Claims' (13/5/21) — Electronic submission of escape fee claims will be possible, though not mandatory, after the coronavirus restrictions are removed. From 21/6/21 the LAA will require file notes for all items of 1 hour or more. The guidance sets out the requirements and procedure.

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