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  • Ministry of Justice, 'Annual Tribunals Statistics, 2011-12: 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012' (28/6/12). The following paragraphs, together with their associated tables, are relevant to mental health: (1) 23. The adjournment and postponement rates for Mental Health have remained at the same levels as 2010-11 (but had previously fallen probably as a result of improved case management processes). In 2011-12, the adjournment rate was 7%, whilst that for postponements was 13%. (2) 25. Of the 222,900 total jurisdictional sitting days, 72% were for fee-paid judiciary and 28% were for salaried judiciary. The ratio of fee-paid to salaried judiciary varies by jurisdiction. In 2011-12, 97% of judicial sitting days for Mental Health were for fee-paid judiciary, whilst this was 15% for the Asylum Support tribunal. (3) 40. For the Mental Health jurisdiction, the time from receipt to disposal has been examined for the three main case types. Unfortunately, the reporting system is not able to produce analysis by single week of age, thus there is some inaccuracy regarding the median and lower and upper quartiles. 41. Given the statutory requirement for Section 2 cases to be listed within 7 days of receipt, it is not surprising that this type of case has the shortest clearance times. The waiting times have reduced when compared with previous periods due to improvements made in administrative processes.
  • Debra Whittle, 'Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request –112074' (letter to Lucy Series, 19/6/17). This FOI response includes the following information. Time from receipt to disposal: section 2 (0 weeks 24.5%, 1 week 53.0%, 2 weeks 18.2%, 4 or more weeks 1.9%); restricted (0-3 weeks 8.0%, 4-9 weeks 15.4%, 10-15 weeks 59.6%, 16-18 weeks 5.1%, 19 or more 11.9%); non-restricted (0-3 weeks 22.1%, 4-7 weeks 47.9%, 8-9 weeks 17.5%, 10-12 weeks 6.5%, 13 or more weeks 6.1%). Total number of cases: section 2 (10,617); restricted (3,449); unrestricted (21,065). Median age of case: section 2 (1 week); restricted (10-15 weeks); non-restricted (4-7 weeks).


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