Mental Health Act 1983 information leaflets

As usual now, there are separate documents for use in England and in Wales. See also: Foreign-language information leaflets and Tribunal forms.


On 15/10/08 the Department of Health published updated information leaflets, to be used from 3/11/08. They were then amended to reflect changes made on 1/4/09, namely the introduction of IMHAs and the replacement of the MHAC with the CQC. The leaflet "Your right to complain to the CQC" was revised on 19/10/09.

The Department of Health and Social Care has stated:

  • "These leaflets on the National Archives website are the latest version. There are no plans currently for the leaflets to be updated." (email correspondence, 5/9/23)
  • "Whilst the leaflets are not included on the GOV.UK website, they can still be used by relevant organisations as they reflect the latest status of the legislation (i.e. reflecting the last major revision to the MHA in 2007)." (email correspondence, 6/9/23)

The following leaflets are on the National Archives website . Use that link (eventually I will replace the red links below with more useful working links!)

Detention under Part 2

Sections 135 and 136 ('Place of safety')

Detention under Part 3


Supervised community treatment (SCT)


Thanks to Sandie Rogers (Cygnet Health Care) for providing all the English patient information leaflets.


On 29/10/08 the Welsh Assembly Government published separate information leaflets, which are now available on the NHS Wales website .

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