Legal Aid forms

All the legal aid forms can be obtained from the Government website; they change fairly regularly so check there for updates.

Changes to forms

Para 3.12 of the 2018 Standard Civil Contract Specification states: "We may amend the Application Forms from time to time upon giving at least 28 days' notice to you." Occasionally forms have been changed without notice, but the LAA have always commenced the notice period from when notification under the contract was belatedly made.

Form CW 1&2 MH

At the time of writing the following is the latest form. The page contains a link to the LAA website, which should redirect to whatever is the current form.

External links

  • Government website: EC-CLAIM 1: escape fee case claim form. "Forms and checklists to submit escape fee case claims under the 4 different categories." The following documents are relevant to mental health law: (1) LAA, 'EC-CLAIM 1 MH: escape fee case claim form - mental health' (v8, April 2015); (2) LAA, 'Escape claim checklist - mental health' (v1.4, September 2016).


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