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Cover - Annual Review 2020.jpg

Jonathan Wilson, Mental Health Law Online: Annual Review 2020 (published 2021) — This booklet contains all news items, arranged thematically, which were added to the website during 2020, plus an update article from Legal Action magazine. Price: paperback £5.99, Kindle £2.99. — Purchase on Amazon

Cover - BNF 81.jpg

British National Formulary (Pharmaceutical Press, 81st edn 2021) — The BNF is published biannually and includes key information on the selection, prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines. — Purchase on AmazonPurchase on 

Cover - MHA Manual 23ed.jpg

Richard Jones, Mental Health Act Manual (23rd edn, Sweet and Maxwell 2020) — As well as from Amazon, this book can be purchased directly from the publishers (paperback, eBook or both). This is the book everybody needs to have. — Purchase on AmazonPurchase on 

Cover - A Practical Guide to the Law of Medical Treatment Decisions.jpg

Ben Troke, A Practical Guide to the Law of Medical Treatment Decisions (Law Brief Publishing, 2020) — This book is aimed not only at lawyers, but also clinicians and anyone with an interest in how medical treatment decisions are made. — Purchase on AmazonPurchase on 

Cover - Adolescent Mental Health Care and the Law.jpg

Camilla Parker, Adolescent Mental Health Care and the Law (LAG 2020) — This book focuses on the law relating to children and young people aged under 18 who require a period of inpatient psychiatric care. — Purchase on AmazonPurchase on 

Cover - Men in White Coats.jpg

George Szmukler, Men in White Coats: Treatment Under Coercion (OUP 2018) — This book proposes mental health law reform so is topical in light of the Wessely review of the Mental Health Act. — Purchase on AmazonPurchase on 

Cover - Mental Health Law 6ed.jpg

Brenda Hale, Mental Health Law (6th edn, Sweet and Maxwell 2017) — Covers mental health law and associated mental capacity law topics. See book review by Alex Ruck Keene, 1/5/17. — Purchase on AmazonPurchase on 

Cover - Parole Board Hearings 3ed.jpg

Hamish Arnott and Simon Creighton, Parole Board Hearings: Law and Practice (3rd edn, LAG 2014) — Published in January 2014 but still (in 2017) the best book on the subject. — Purchase on AmazonPurchase on 

Cover - Gostin.jpg

Larry Gostin, Mental Health Services: Law and Practice (Shaw & Sons, supplement issue no 18, June 2000) — The full text of this book is available on Mental Health Law Online.