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British National Formulary (Pharmaceutical Press, 79th edn 2020) Amazon. This edition is published on 20/3/20. The book is updated every March and September, so always check the Amazon page for the latest edition.
Richard Jones, Mental Health Act Manual (23nd edn, Sweet and Maxwell 2020) Amazon. The paperback is (at the time of writing) listed as unavailable from Amazon. It can be purchased directly from the publishers (paperback, eBook or both). This is the book everybody needs to have.
Ben Troke, A Practical Guide to the Law of Medical Treatment Decisions (Law Brief Publishing, 2020) Amazon. This book is aimed not only at lawyers, but also clinicians and anyone with an interest in how medical treatment decisions are made.
Alex Ruck Keene et al, Court of Protection Handbook: A User's Guide (3rd edn, LAG 2019) Amazon.
George Szmukler, Men in White Coats: Treatment Under Coercion (OUP 2018) Amazon. This book proposes mental health law reform so is topical in light of the Wessely review of the Mental Health Act.
Steven Richards and Aasya Mughal, Working with the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (3rd edition, Matrix Training 2018) Amazon. Updated for 2018 (the introduction is dated April 2018).
Richard Jones and Eve Piffaretti, Mental Capacity Act Manual (8th edn, Sweet and Maxwell 2018) Amazon.
Brenda Hale, Mental Health Law (6th edn, Sweet and Maxwell 2017) Amazon. Covers mental health law and associated mental capacity law topics. See book review by Alex Ruck Keene, 1/5/17.
Christine Hutchinson and Neil Hickman, Focus on Social Work Law: Mental Health (Palgrave 2016) Amazon.
Tony Zigmond and Nick Brindle, A Clinician's Brief Guide to the Mental Health Act (4rd edn, RCPsych Publications 2016) Amazon.
Claire Barcham, The Pocketbook Guide to Mental Health Act Assessments (2nd edn, OUP 2016) Amazon.
Robert Brown, The Approved Mental Health Professional's Guide to Mental Health Law (4th edn, Sage 2016) Amazon.
Claire Wills-Goldingham et al, Court of Protection Made Clear (Bath 2016) Amazon.
Law Society, Deprivation of Liberty: Collected Guidance (Law Society, 2016) Amazon.
Sarah Johnston, Sophy Miles and Claire Royston, Mental Health Tribunal Handbook (LAG 2015) Amazon.
Steven Richards and Aasya Mughal, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Handbook (Books Wise Publications 2015) Amazon.
Alex Ruck Keene (ed), Assessment of Mental Capacity (4th edn, Law Society 2015) Amazon.
Nick Brindle et al, A Clinician's Brief Guide to the Mental Capacity Act (2nd edn, RCPsych Publications 2015) Amazon.
Matthew Graham and Jakki Cowley, A Practical Guide to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (JKP 2015) Amazon.
Daniel Moseley and Gary Gala (eds), Philosophy and Psychiatry: Problems, Intersections and New Perspectives (Routledge 2015) Amazon.
Frances Patterson et al (eds), Judicial Review: Law and Practice (2nd edn, Jordans 2015) Amazon.
Department of Health, Code of Practice: Mental Health Act 1983 (2015) Amazon.
Peter Bartlett and Ralph Sandland, Mental Health Law: Policy and Practice (4th edn, OUP 2013) Amazon.
Michael Butler, A Practitioner's Guide to Mental Health Law (Wildy, Simmonds and Hill 2014) Amazon.
Richard Harper, Medical Treatment and the Law: Issues of Consent (2nd edn, Jordans 2014) Amazon.
Nazreen Pearce and Sue Jackson, Urgent Applications in the Court of Protection (2nd edn, Jordans 2014) Amazon.
Tony Harrop-Griffiths et al, Dementia and the Law (Jordans 2014) Amazon.
Gordon Ashton and Caroline Bielanska, Elderly People and the Law (Jordans 2014) Amazon.
Hamish Arnott and Simon Creighton, Parole Board Hearings: Law and Practice (LAG 2014) Amazon. Published in January 2014 but still (in 2017) the best book on the subject.
Phil Fennell, Penny Letts and Jonathan Wilson, Mental Health Tribunals: Law, Policy and Practice (Law Society, 2013) Amazon. See the foreword from the book, and a review from the Law Society Gazette.
Jonathan Butler, Mental Health Tribunals: Law, Practice and Procedure (2nd edn, Jordans 2013) Amazon.
Bernadette McSherry and Ian Freckelton (eds), Coercive Care: Rights, Law and Policy (Routledge 2013) Amazon.
Richard Murphy and Philip Wales, Mental Health Law in Nursing (Learning Matters, 2013) Amazon.
Kris Gledhill, Defending Mentally Disordered Persons (LAG 2012) Amazon.
Phil Fennell, Mental Health: Law and Practice (Jordans, 2011) Amazon.
Mark Neary, Get Steven Home (Lulu 2011) Amazon. The story behind Re Steven Neary; LB Hillingdon v Steven Neary [2011] EWHC 1377 (COP).
Tony Maden and Tim Spencer-Lane, Essential Mental Health Law: A Guide to the New Mental Health Act (Hammersmith Press, 2010) Amazon.
Steven Richards and Aasya Mughal, Working with the Mental Health Act (3rd edition, Matrix Training 2010) Amazon.
Larry Gostin et al (eds), Principles of Mental Health Law and Policy (Oxford 2010) Amazon.
David Hewitt, The Nearest Relative Handbook (2nd edn, Jessica Kingsley 2009) Amazon.
Christopher Johnston (ed), Medical Treatment: Decisions and the Law: the MCA in Action (2nd edn, Bloomsbury 2009) Amazon.
Peter Bartlett, Blackstone's Guide to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (2nd edn, Oxford 2008) Amazon.
Ministry of Justice, Mental Capacity Act 2005: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Code of Practice (2008) Amazon.
Paul Bowen, Blackstone's Guide to the Mental Health Act 2007 (OUP 2007) Amazon.
Department for Constitutional Affairs, Mental Capacity Act 2005: Code of Practice (2007) Amazon.
Larry Gostin, Mental Health Services: Law and Practice (Shaw & Sons, supplement issue no 18, June 2000) The full text of this book is available on Mental Health Law Online.
Anselm Eldergill, Mental Health Review Tribunals: Law and Procedure (Sweet and Maxwell, London 1997) Amazon. The full text of this book is available on Mental Health Law Online: Eldergill.
The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders (World Health Organisation 1992) Amazon.