Mental health law in Scotland

This website focusses on mental health law in England & Wales, but you may find the resources below useful.

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  • Case law summaries. Scott Blair, 'A Summary of Mental Health Caselaw' (21/3/12) — Plagiarism is the copying of someone else's words or ideas without attribution, intentionally or otherwise. In any place where you reproduce anything from this website, please remember to acknowledge the source and provide a link back to the relevant page. Scott Blair, a Scottish Advocate, immigration judge, MHT for Scotland legal convener, and Glasgow University external examiner, spoke on a paper entitled 'A Summary of Mental Health Caselaw' at a seminar on 21/3/12. In three parts it deals with cases from Scotland, England & Wales, and the ECtHR: all 20 case summaries in the second part, and eight in the third part, incorporate case summaries copied from Mental Health Law Online without any attribution (see pages 55-60, 62, 65-66, 69, 105-109, and 111). The document ends '© Scott Blair, Advocate' but there is no legal entitlement to claim copyright for material copied from Mental Health Law Online.


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