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All forms are available on the website. The following links will bring you to the relevant pages on that website for up-to-date versions of the forms. The T129 (legal representation and tribunal doctor form) and T131-144 (all the report proformas) were updated on 3/10/18 to include GDPR information. Restructured T110 (application) and T111 (referral) forms were published on 19/10/18.



Case management request

  • Form T113: Case management request — Use for interlocutory matters: (1) directions; (2) postponement; (3) prohibition of disclosure of information; (4) pre-hearing examination; (5) permission to withdraw an application; (6) other. (CMR1)

Preliminary matters

  • Form T128: Options for your tribunal referral hearing — This is the form which is sent to CTO patients inviting them to cancel their tribunal referral oral hearings (and have a paper review instead). This form contains the declaration: "I understand that the First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health) is going to look at my case and, if I do not wish to attend or be represented at a hearing, then the tribunal may reach a decision on my case without a hearing." It asks the questions: (1) Do you wish to attend a tribunal hearing? and (2) Do you wish your legal representative to attend the hearing on your behalf?

Hearing questionnaires


  • Form T144: Victim's representations to the Tribunal — This form allows the victim to provide representations on: (1) the tribunal's decision: (a) whether the patient should, in the event of their discharge or release from detention, be subject to any conditions; (b) if so, what particular conditions should be imposed, and (c) if the patient is already subject to a conditional discharge, whether the same or different conditions are now required; (2) disclosure of representations to the patient; (3) victim's attendance at the hearing.



Report proformas

Information leaflets

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All forms are available on the MHRT for Wales website

New forms and guidance documents were created, and translated into Welsh, in April and May 2017:

Upper Tribunal

These forms are available on the Upper Tribunal forms page

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