Certificated (licenced) work

Here is a non-exhaustive list of work requiring a public funding certificate:

  • Cases before the Upper Tribunal (judicial reviews and appeals of First-tier Tribunal decisions).
  • High Court judicial reviews.
  • Court of Protection ‘best interests’ or ‘deprivation of liberty’ cases.
  • High Court or county court damages claims (probably under the actions against the police contract).
  • Nearest relative displacement actions in the county court.

There are two types of Legal Representation funding under a certificate: (a) ‘Investigative Representation’, which is limited to the investigation of the strength of contemplated proceedings (there is some overlap with Legal Help); (b) ‘Full Representation’, which is the main type.

There are two types of certificate: (a) a ‘substantive certificate’, which is granted by the LAA; (b) an ‘emergency certificate’, which is granted by the firm under delegated functions (if it has a contract in the relevant category) for urgent steps.

Certificated work is means-tested, except in certain ‘deprivation of liberty’ cases.

The online Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) is used for this type of work.


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