Court of Protection Practice Directions

Practice Directions for the Court of Protection to be read in conjunction with the Court of Protection Rules 2017. [This page needs to be updated but the main external links work.]

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Amendments and other links

  • Three Court of Protection Practice Directions were amended on 25/11/11:
  • Practice Direction 10AA (Deprivation of liberty applications) has been amended to reflect fact that the Court of Protection has moved. The DOLS Application Branch's new contact details are: Court of Protection, Royal Courts of Justice, Thomas More Building, Strand, London WC2A 2LL, DX 44450 Strand, tel 0300 456 4600. The PD also contains a new internet address for the relevant court forms.
  • Practice Direction 14B (Depositions) has similarly been updated to reflect the new address.
  • Practice Direction 19A (Costs in the Court of Protection) has been amended to replace 'Supreme Court Costs Office' with 'Senior Court Costs Office'.


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