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  • Commission on Acute Adult Psychiatric Care, 'Old Problems, New Solutions: Improving Acute Psychiatric Care for Adults in England' (9/2/16) . Introduction from CAAPC website: "The report highlights system-wide problems in mental healthcare in England including variable quality of care on inpatient units, inadequate availability of inpatient care or alternatives to inpatient admission, and patients remaining in hospital for longer than necessary due to inadequate residential provision. The Commission’s report consequently recommends significant changes to how services are commissioned, organised and monitored across the whole mental health system. It also calls for faster access to acute care and an end to sending severely-ill mental health patients long distances for treatment." See also: (1) CAAPC website; (2) summary document .
  • Just Giving, 'Paul's British Isles Walk: Walking through The British Isles for Big C' (April-May 2015). Paul Veitch is a great mental health solicitor who has given permission this link to be included here. Introductory story from website: "Two years ago I was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer as it had secondaried into my lymph system. So far I have responded very well to treatment and so I am embarking on a two month walk mainly because I love nature and walking. If all goes well I plan to walk part of the east coast of Suffolk and Essex, the Ridgeway National Trail, the South Downs Way and Saint Cuthberts Way. I will then spend a week with the community on Iona and then in May walk up the West Coast of the outer Hebrides. I should be walking approximately 400 miles. While we all want to be cured of cancer, just as important is to be cared for, and that is why I have chosen the Big C as a charity if you would like to make a donation. Big C provides that care by giving sufferers the space to relax in their centres. They also give practical help and advice, friendship and support as well as supporting research."
  • National Offender Management Service, 'Mental Health Treatment Requirement: Guidance on Supporting Integrated Delivery' (30/12/14) . Introduction and detail from Government website: "This (non-statutory) guidance seeks to provide support to service commissioning and provider agencies so that appropriate mental health service provision and inter-agency partnerships enable Mental Health Treatment Requirements (MHTR) delivery locally. The guidance reflects the changes to responsibility for probation services in England and Wales from 2014 resulting from the Government’s Transforming Rehabilitation reforms and the Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014. Information on who to contact for further information is also included."
  • Lucy Series, 'My top ten Mental Capacity Act resources' (The Small Places Blog, 27/12/12). This article recommends the following resources: (1) Mental Health Law Online, (2) 39 Essex Street Court of Protection Newsletter, (3) Court of Protection Law Reports, (4) Mental Capacity Act Manual, (5) Social Care Institute for Excellence, (6) Google Alerts, (7) Essex Autonomy Project, (8) Mental Health Foundation MCA literature review, (9) Mental Disability Advocacy Center, (10) Twitter.



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