Form T144: Victim's representations to the Tribunal (September 2023)

T144 This form allows the victim to provide representations on: (1) the tribunal's decision (whether the patient should, in the event of their discharge from detention, be subject to any conditions; if so, what particular conditions should be imposed; and, if the patient is already subject to a conditional discharge, whether the same or different conditions are now required); (2) non-disclosure of representations to the patient or his lawyer; (3) victim's attendance at the hearing. The main differences between this and the 2018 version is that extra guidance is now provided on how unlikely the tribunal will agree to non-disclosure and attendance requests.


The footer says "VL01 02.21". The Word document was created on 11/9/23.

See also

  • Tribunal victims guidance. Courts and Tribunals Judiciary, 'Practice Guidance: Procedure for handling representations from victims in the Mental Health jurisdiction (HESC)' (23/8/23) — This detailed guidance has the following headings: (1) Background; (2) Open justice (3) Victims; (4) The role of victim liaison officers; (5) Preliminary matters; (6) Victims who wish to know the date of the next hearing; (7) Victims who wish to provide documents, written information or submissions to the tribunal; (8) Victims representations relating to possible discharge conditions; (9) Application from a victim to attend the hearing; (10) Disclosure of the victim’s evidence to the patient; (11) Sharing the tribunal’s conditions of discharge with the victim; (12) Sharing the tribunal’s decision or reasons for the decision with the victim; (13) Further review.