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Tribunal forms archive

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Archived material

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  • Form HQ1 (5/8/14, v4). An additional box has been added stating: 'If the patient is legally aided, please confirm that an accredited member of the Law Society’s Mental Health Panel will be representing the patient at the hearing.'
  • Form CMR1 (31/7/14)†. A new Part D has been added with the following two tick boxes: "A Pre-hearing Examination by the tribunal doctor is requested because: (a) the patient wishes there to be such an examination; (b) the patient lacks the capacity to make such a decision, and the patient’s representative wishes there to be such an examination." It then has an empty text box preceded by: "Requests for a pre-hearing examination by the tribunal doctor will be granted automatically if received by the tribunal 14 days or more before the hearing. [Send to] prelimexaminations@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk Otherwise reasons must be given to show why a pre-hearing examination is necessary for a fair and just disposal of the case. Where required, the reasons for this request are: ..." The covering email from the secretariat states: "It is important to note that for a Pre Hearing Examination request received less than 14 days prior to the hearing date, a CMR1 is required in all cases as they will require a Judicial decision. Please also note: Requests for a pre-hearing examination will be granted automatically if received by the tribunal 14 days or more before the hearing. Requests should be made on the T129 form and emailed to prelimexaminations@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk Any requests received on or after the 4 August that are not on either the T129 or CMR1 will not be actioned and may be returned to you."