Contact:Ministry of Justice - Mental Health Casework Section

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Type: Government body🔍

Address: 8th Floor, Zone A, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9AJ

DX: Information required


Telephone: Ministry of Justice Switchboard: 020 3334 3555 (or see website for direct dial numbers). Out of hours: 0300 303 2079

Fax: Information required


See Ministry of Justice. website: HMPPS Mental Health Casework Section contact list. Extracts appear below:

Any casework related e-mails (including to a named member of staff) should be sent to:

For all general casework queries please contact one of the numbers listed below:

  • 07812 760 274
  • 07812 760 582
  • 07812 760 523
  • 07812 760 356
  • 07812 760 230

To urgently request recall please contact: 07812 760 248

  • Conditional Discharge Reports
  • Tribunal Reports
  • Prison Transfers
  • Subject Access Requests, Training, Open sessions, bulk transfers, Freedom of Information requests
  • General enquiries
  • Hospital orders

Within 2 miles (see grey map markers):


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