Contact:GT Stewart

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Type: Law firm🔍

Address: Fleet House, 8-12 New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6AL

DX: 2604 Croydon

Email: Information required

Telephone: 020 8299 6000

Fax: 020 8299 6009


Mental Health, Court of Protection, Community Care, Housing, Family, Crime, Criminal Appeals, Public law, Actions Against the Police and Prison Law.

Mental Health LAA contracts in South/South East, Midlands and North East

Also offices in East Dulwich, Croydon, Ashford, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Peterborough, Kennington, Hammersmith and Dartford, Whetstone and Margate

The firm also incorporates Hockfield Solicitors, McGrath and Co, Eskinazi and FMW Law.

Within 2 miles (see grey map markers):


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