Contact:St. Andrew's Hospital (Northampton)

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Type: Hospital - private🔍

Address: Cliftonville Road, Northampton NN1 5DG

DX: Information required


Telephone: 01604 629696 or 616000

Fax: Information required

Low & Medium Security
Parking permit required, obtainable from Main Reception

MHA Office:

01604 616616
Jule Draper - Mental Health Law Caseworker (Northampton)
For confidential or sensitive info: or

Older note stated: Multiple MHA Administrators as it is so large.

Health Records Department

Finance information:
Lee Fackerell - Finance Assistant: - 01268723803

Older note stated: Write to "Patients Finance Department" at the above address with a signed form of authority from the patient.


Colne - 01268723850

Multiple: always best to dial main reception and be put through to relevant ward.


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