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Larry Gostin et al (eds), Principles of Mental Health Law and Policy (Oxford 2010)

Academic mental health law book


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Type: Book🔍

Title: Principles of Mental Health Law and Policy

Edition: 1

Author(s): Clements, Luke🔍 · Dawson, John🔍 · Gable, Lance🔍 · Gledhill,Kris🔍 · Glover-Thomas, Nicola🔍 · Herring, Jonathan🔍 · Keywood, Kirsty🔍 · Laing, Judith🔍 · Munro, Nell🔍 · Sandland, Ralph🔍

Editor(s): Gostin, Lawrence🔍 · Bartlett, Peter🔍 · Fennell, Phil🔍 · McHale, Jean🔍 · Mackay, Ronnie🔍

Publisher Oxford University Press🔍

Date: 2010🔍

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