Anselm Eldergill, Mental Health Review Tribunals: Law and Procedure (Sweet and Maxwell, London 1997). Professor Anselm Eldergill has kindly given permission for his book to be reproduced on Mental Health Law Online. The copyright remains with the author. Given its publication date, the book is being reproduced here for historical and academic interest only.

I have not been able to get the original, obsolete word-processor files converted to PDF format. This web page contains a scanned version of the book. To view a chapter on screen, open it with Adobe Reader and click 'View - Rotate View - Clockwise'. We have also submitted the book to Google Books where it can be searched.

Table of chapters

Acknowledgements v
Preface vii
Table of chapters ix
Table of contents xi
Table of Cases xxxix
Table of Statutes liii
Table of Statutory Instruments lxxiii
Chapter 1 Introduction and overview 3
Detention, guardianship and supervision
Chapter 2 Legal defisions of mental disorder 51
Chapter 3 Relevant terms and parties 97
Chapter 4 Detention and guardianship under Part II 209
Chapter 5 Orders and directions under Part III 307
Chapter 6 After-care and supervision applications 413
A tribunal's powers
Chapter 7 A tribunal's powers in unrestricted cases 463
Chapter 8 A tribunal's powers in restricted cases 511
Chapter 9 The limits of a tribunal's powers 567
Tribunal procedure and practice
Chapter 10 Commencing the proceedings 603
Chapter 11 Obtaining reports on the patient 661
Chapter 12 Risk assessment and discharge planning 723
Chapter 13 Directions and other pre-hearing matters 777
Chapter 14 The hearing 797
Chapter 15 The tribunal's decision and appeals 829
The authorised representative
Chapter 16 The role of the authorised representative 875
Legal appendices
Appendix IIA Mental Health Act 1983, Part V 969
Appendix IIB Mental Health Review Tribunal Rules 1983 989
Chapter 17 Mental health and mental disorder 1015
Chapter 18 Assessing the presence of mental disorder 1055
Chapter 19 Classifying and diagnosing mental disorder 1107
Chapter 20 Treatment and outcome 1125
Chapter 21 Personality disorders 1175
Chapter 22 Mood disorders 1193
Chapter 23 Schizophrenia and related phychoses 1227
Chapter 24 Organic disorders 1267

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