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Bernadette McSherry and Ian Freckelton (eds), Coercive Care: Rights, Law and Policy (Routledge 2013)

Academic book


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Type: Book🔍

Title: Coercive Care: Rights, Law and Policy

Edition: 1

Author(s): Angel, Natalia🔍 · Ashley Stein, Ashley🔍 · Brookbanks, Warren🔍 · Daw, Rowena🔍 · Diesfeld, Kate🔍 · Gilmour, Joan🔍 · Gledhill, Kris🔍 · Glover-Thomas, Nicola🔍 · Weller, Penelope🔍 · Lord, Janet🔍 · Rioux, Marcia🔍 · Kampf, Annegret🔍 · Perkins, Elizabeth🔍 · Sheldrick, Heulwen🔍 · Perlin, Michae🔍

Editor(s): Freckleton, Ian🔍 · McSherry, Bernadette🔍

Publisher Routledge🔍

Date: 2013🔍

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