MHA 1983 s24

Mental Health Act 1983
(as amended)

Law as at 19/11/11 unless otherwise stated under "Amendments" heading

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Responsible Clinician/Approved Clinician replaces Responsible Medical Officer 3/11/08

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[The chapter/paragraph numbers which appear below (if any) refer to the 2008 versions of the Code of Practice and Reference Guide.]

  • Reference Guide to the Mental Health Act 1983, 12. Detention in hospital, 15. Supervised Community Treatment, 19. Guardianship and guardianship orders — paragraphs 12.131 to 12.135 (detention), 15.124 to 15.125 (SCT) and 19.119 (guardianship)


Visiting and examination of patients

24.—(1) For the purpose of advising as to the exercise by the nearest relative of a patient who is liable to be detained or subject to guardianship under this Part of this Act[, or who is a community patient,][1] of any power to order his discharge, any registered medical practitioner [or approved clinician][1] authorised by or on behalf of the nearest relative of the patient may, at any reasonable time, visit the patient and examine him in private.

(2) Any registered medical practitioner [or approved clinician][1] authorised for the purposes of subsection (1) above to visit and examine a patient may require the production of and inspect any records relating to the detention or treatment of the patient in any hospital [or to any after-care services provided for the patient under section 117 below].[2]