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Mental Health Act 1983 Codes of Practice

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The Code of Practice provides guidance on how the Mental Health Act 1983 should be applied. New Codes will come into force in England and Wales on 3/11/08. The new Codes reflect changes made to the Mental Health Act 1983 by the Mental Health Act 2007.

England Wales
MHA_COP.jpgMental Health Act 1983 Code Of Practice for England — The external links on this page are to the English Code of Practice and to the various documents referred to in the Code.

See also

Department of Health, 'Stronger Code: Better Care: Consultation on proposed changes to the Code of Practice: Mental Health Act 1983' (7/7/14) - Consultations#Department of Health

MHA_COP_Wales.jpgMental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice for Wales — This is the Welsh Code of Practice which came into force on 3/11/08.
Old Code
Mental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice (1999)