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Mental health case law

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The mental health cases on this site are structured into categories and (where appropriate) sub-categories:
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Mental Health Law Online currently contains 1627 categorised cases. See also Settled cases and Forthcoming judgments.

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Recently-added cases

The following are the most recently-added 2015 cases:

Page and summaryDate added to siteCategories
Re RG: Public Guardian v PB (2015) EWCOP 2, (2015) MHLO 6 — "This is an application for the court to reconsider an order made on the papers, partially revoking an enduring power of attorney." 2015-01-302015 cases, EPA cases - all, EPA cases - other, No summary, Transcript
R v Wells (2015) EWCA Crim 2, (2015) MHLO 5 — "In each appeal and application before the court, the defendant has been found unfit to plead: that is to say, based on medical evidence, the court has found that one or more of the following criteria is satisfied namely that he or she does not have the ability to plead to the indictment, to understand the course of the proceedings, to instruct a lawyer, to challenge a juror, to understand the evidence. ... Where a defendant's disability impacts on his/her ability to take part in a trial but he/she is not otherwise affected by a psychiatric condition such as renders what is said in interview unreliable (whether or not the delusional traits are apparent on the face of the interview), there is no reason why the jury should not hear them albeit with an appropriate warning. When considering the extent to which evidence of the interview should be admitted, it remains relevant to consider all the circumstances." 2015-01-302015 cases, ICLR summary, No summary, Transcript, Unfitness and insanity cases
Jimoh Adun of Nieko Solicitors (SRA decision: closure) (2015) MHLO 4 (SRA) — The SRA decided to intervene because Jimoh Adun had abandoned his practice at Nieko Solicitors, and it was necessary to protect the interests of clients (former or potential) and any beneficiaries of any trust of which he is or was a trustee. The SRA was unable to gain access on 8/12/14 but gained access three days later with a court order. 2015-01-292015 cases, Brief summary, No transcript, SRA decisions
LB Hillingdon v PS (2015) MHLO 3 (COP) — Faced with an impasse about contact between PS and M, Hillingdon asked the court to determine what was in PS's best interests. Permission was required under MCA 2005 s50 and CS objected to the grant of permission. The factors in s50 required for permission were satisfied. Also, the court could give effect to the rules in accordance with the overriding objective (dealing with the case justly, including having regard to proportionality). The judge gave the following directions: (a) M to be served with a copy of the application and joined as a party; (b) CS to be joined as party; (c) permission to the attorneys to intervene; (d) final hearing listed and provision made for statements to be filed; (e) Court of Protection Visitor to visit PS to ascertain his wishes and feelings and to gather information relevant to the issue of contact in the same way Cafcass would report in a children's case; (f) costs reserved. 2015-01-292015 cases, Best interests, Brief summary, Transcript
Essex County Council v RF (2015) EWCOP 1, (2015) MHLO 2 — (1) A final declaration was made that P lacked capacity to make decisions in relation to his residence and care arrangements, but retained capacity to make decisions in relation to contact with others. (2) In considering quantum there is a difference between procedural breaches (which would have made no difference to P's living or care arrangements) and substantive breaches (where P would not have been detained if the authority had acted lawfully). (3) The judge approved the following compromise agreement: (a) a declaration that ECC unlawfully deprived P of his liberty for approximately 13 months; (b) £60,000 damages; (c) care home fees to be waived (around £23-25,000); (d) damages to be excluded from means testing for community care costs; (e) costs to be paid (may exceed £64,000). (4) The judge described the situation as follows: "It is hard to imagine a more depressing and inexcusable state of affairs. A defenceless 91 year old gentleman in the final years of his life was ..→2015-01-212015 cases, Brief summary, Deprivation of liberty, Transcript
R (AMG) v SSHD (2015) EWHC 5 (Admin), (2015) MHLO 1 — Immigration case with mental health background. 2015-01-132015 cases, No summary, Repatriation cases, Transcript

The following are the 20 most recently-added cases with the exception of 2015 cases:

Page and summaryDate added to siteCategories
The Mental Health Trust v DD (2014) EWCOP 44, (2014) MHLO 141 — "I do not propose to give a detailed judgment in this case today in light of the large measure of agreement. However, I want to make some comments about the proposed draft order. ... In preparation for this four day hearing, in which I was to be considering questions of long-term contraception or sterilisation of DD, I have read with care ..." 2015-01-142014 cases, Best interests, No summary, Transcript
DD v SSHD (2014) EWHC 3820 (Admin), (2014) MHLO 140 — "Currently, the effects of the TPIM in general, whatever the particular effects of certain restrictions, and the effects of the three most contentious conditions apart from the tag, plainly do not cross that high threshold so as to breach of Article 3. I reach that conclusion recognising that the maintenance of the TPIM and those conditions is significantly worse for DD than for a person who is in normal mental health, and that particular care is required in judging whether a mentally ill and vulnerable person is being treated with proper respect for the fact that he is a human being. The tag as described by Professor Fahy and Dr Deeley is undoubtedly the most severe requirement in its impact on DD, because of his paranoid ideation. DD's delusions about the tag being an explosive device and a camera are very frightening and distressing. He wants to remove it, as voices tell him to, yet knows this would continue with the cycle of breaching the TPIM, facing prison, release, revival of ..→2014-12-312014 cases, Miscellaneous, No summary, Transcript
Lazariu v Romania 31973/03 (2014) ECHR 1219, (2014) MHLO 139 — Detention in psychiatric hospital breached Article 5(1) and (4). 2014-12-312014 cases, Deprivation of liberty, ECHR, No summary, Transcript
Lucia Benyu (strike off) and Ronnie Benyu (section 43 order) (2014) MHLO 138 (SDT) — (1) In relation to Lucia Shingirai Benyu, née Ndoro, who at the material time practised as a sole practitioner under the style of Peters & Co Solicitors, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal concluded that: "The First Respondent had admitted a lack of integrity and had had several allegations of dishonesty proved against her. The Tribunal had heard a litany of the most ruthless exploitation of an obviously vulnerable individual and had disbelieved much of what the First Respondent had to say whilst giving evidence on oath. In cases where dishonest misappropriation of client’s funds had been found then it was well-established that that would invariably lead to strike off. There were no circumstances put before the Tribunal that might lead it to mitigate that penalty. The First Respondent would be struck off the Roll of Solicitors. Indeed, the seriousness of her misconduct was such that this would have been the appropriate sanction even if she had not been found to be dishonest." ..→2014-12-312014 cases, Brief summary, SRA decisions, Transcript
AG's reference (no 91 of 2014) sub nom R v Joseph Williams (2014) MHLO 137 (CA) — The trial judge had imposed a sentence of 14 years' imprisonment, together with with a s45A hospital order and limitation direction, on an offender (W) who had pleaded guilty to attempted murder. Following an AG's reference the Court of Appeal held that: (1) The appropriate range was 17-25 years, the starting point was 20 years after a trial, and the judge was not at fault for reducing the sentence by six years given the unusual facts of the case that related to W's mental health. (2) It was not certain that the offence was motivated by antipathy to V's sexual orientation; it could equally have been the case that W did not want to share his flat with anyone. (3) As the judge considered that W's dangerousness was not confined to his mental illness, he should have passed an extended sentence to protect the public in the event that the criteria for the hospital order and restrictions were no longer satisfied, but the offender remained a risk to the public. (4) An extended period of ..→2014-12-312014 cases, Brief summary, Hybrid order cases, Sentence appeal cases, Transcript
Kicks v Leigh (2014) EWHC 3926 (Ch), (2014) MHLO 136 — "The Claimants claim that the transfer by Mrs Smith to the Defendant of the Proceeds should be set aside on either of two grounds, namely that: (1) Mrs Smith lacked the mental capacity to make such a gift or transfer; (2) The gift or transfer was procured by the Defendant's exercise of undue influence over Mrs Smith." 2014-12-312014 cases, No summary, Other capacity cases, Transcript
Hysaj v SSHD (2014) EWCA Civ 1633, (2014) MHLO 135 — In each of these three cases, which were heard together, the applicant failed to file a notice of appeal within the time prescribed by CPR 52.4(2), which made it necessary for him to seek an extension of time. The mental health case involved a nearest relative who had been awarded costs after displacement proceedings and who (nearly six years out of time) wished to appeal against the sum ordered by the judge. The Court of Appeal, having held that the guidance in the Mitchell and Denton cases applied to applications for extensions of time for filing a notice of appeal, dealt with some questions of general importance (public law cases, shortage of funds, litigants in person, the merits). In the mental health case, the extension of time was refused. 2014-12-312014 cases, Brief summary, ICLR summary, Miscellaneous, Transcript
Aster Healthcare Ltd v The Estate of Mohammed Shafi (2014) EWCA Civ 1350, (2014) MHLO 134 — This appeal by Aster Healthcare was unsuccessful. 2014-12-312014 cases, Community care, No summary, Other capacity cases, Transcript
Aster Healthcare Ltd v The Estate of Mohammed Shafi (2014) EWHC 77 (QB), (2014) MHLO 133 — "This is an appeal from the decision ... to grant summary judgment to the Claimant in a claim against the Estate of the late Mr Mohammed Shafi for outstanding care home fees. It raises interesting and important issues about the relationship between section 7 of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the provisions of Part III of the National Assistance Act 1948, Part III of the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990, and related statutes, regulations and guidance that concern the obligations or powers of a local authority to provide residential accommodation and care services for persons who by reason of age, illness, disability or any other circumstances are in need of care and attention which is not otherwise available to them. ... The total amount claimed is £62,199.94. The key issue is who, if anyone, is legally liable for payment of fees to the Claimant? There are only two candidates; the Estate of the late Mr Shafi (represented by his wife), and Brent." 2014-12-312014 cases, Community care, ICLR summary, No summary, Other capacity cases, Transcript
R (Guntrip) v Parole Board (2014) EWHC 4180 (Admin), (2014) MHLO 132 — (1) When the prisoner was transferred to psychiatric hospital an unlawful and unfair decision was taken to cancel (rather than adjourn) a Parole Board hearing. (2) The delay of 12 months breached Article 5(4) and damages of £2,500 were awarded. 2014-12-312014 cases, Brief summary, Prison law, Transcript
Re BM (2014) EWCOP B20, (2014) MHLO 131 — "This is a case in which there is a dispute as to who should be appointed as BM’s deputy for property and affairs." 2014-12-312014 cases, Deputyship cases, No summary, Transcript
LB Tower Hamlets v TB (2014) EWCOP 53, (2014) MHLO 130 — "All parties are agreed that TB lacks capacity to make decisions concerning her residence, her care and her contact with SA. The issues that I have to decide are these: (i) Where should TB live in her best interests? ... (ii) If TB does not return to 9 Emerald Mansions what should her contact be with SA, in her best interests? (iii) Does SA have the capacity to consent to sex? This is an abstract question if she does not return to 9 Emerald Mansions, but a very real one if she does. (iv) Whatever I decide about residence does her care regime amount to a deprivation of liberty within the terms of Article 5?" 2014-12-312014 cases, Best interests, Capacity to consent to sexual relations, Deprivation of liberty, No summary, Transcript
The Public Guardian v VT (2014) EWCOP 52, (2014) MHLO 129 — This is an application by the Public Guardian for the court to revoke a Lasting Power of Attorney ('LPA') for property and financial affairs on the ground that the donee of the power has behaved in a way that contravenes her authority or is not in the donor's best interests. 2014-12-312014 cases, LPA cases - all, LPA cases - other, No summary, Transcript
The Public Guardian v CT (2014) EWCOP 51, (2014) MHLO 128 — "This is the first occasion on which a respondent has sought an order for costs against the Public Guardian in respect of a safeguarding application regarding the respondent's conduct as the donee of a Lasting Power of Attorney." 2014-12-312014 cases, COP costs cases, LPA cases - all, LPA cases - other, No summary, Transcript
Royal Free NHSFT v AB (2014) EWCOP 50, (2014) MHLO 127 — "The Trust seeks three declarations that: (a) AB lacks capacity to consent to medical treatment, including to a Caesarean Section; (b) AB lacks capacity to monitor and regulate her own intake of food and/or drink; (c) AB lacks capacity to decide whether to comply with her regime of diabetic medication." 2014-12-302014 cases, No summary, Other capacity cases, Transcript

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