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Mental health case law

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The mental health cases on this site are structured into categories and (where appropriate) sub-categories:
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Mental Health Law Online currently contains 1522 categorised cases. See also Settled cases and Forthcoming judgments.

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Recently-added cases

The following are the most recently-added 2014 cases:

Page and summaryDate added to siteCategories
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust v N (2014) EWCOP 16, (2014) MHLO 51 — "The critical decision is whether it is in N's best interests to continue invasive, risk laden, medical care as would be involved in a further attempt at artificial feeding. I am utterly convinced that it would not. Accordingly, I declare that it is lawful and in her best interests for the clinicians (a) not to make any further attempt to secure a means of providing artificial nutrition; (b) to withdraw the provision of intravenous fluids and dextrose; and (c) to provide such palliative care and related treatment (including pain relief) as considered appropriate to ensure she suffers the least distress and retains the greatest dignity until such time as her life comes to an end." 2014-07-232014 cases, No summary, Other capacity cases, Transcript
R (M) v Kingston Crown Court (2014) MHLO 50 (DC) — M had admitted to GBH but the Crown wanted to pursue GBH with intent, and the judge made an order under s35 (remand for report) to gather evidence about intent. (1) The purpose of an order under s35 was to inform the court of a defendant’s fitness to plead and his diagnosis, not to advance one party’s claim. (2) The judge’s misinterpretation of s35 was a jurisdictional error so the High Court was entitled (despite the limitation in s29(3) Senior Courts Act 1981) to quash the order made under it. 2014-07-222014 cases, Brief summary, Other criminal law cases, Transcript
R (L) v West London MH NHS Trust (2014) EWCA Civ 47, (2014) MHLO 49 — (1) There was no challenge to the first instance judge's finding that the common law duty of procedural fairness applies to decisions to transfer from medium to high security. (2) However, the judge had gone beyond what fairness requires, by requiring an overly-adversarial procedure. (3) Relief should not have been given on the facts of L's case, including because he had been able to put across his side of a disputed incident and had ceased objecting to transfer. (4) The ability of the decision-making process to achieve fairness has an undesirable element of fortuity. The decision-making process should therefore be "amended so that, absent urgency, a clinical reason precluding such notification, or some other reason such as the exposure of other patients or staff to the risk of harm, the 'gists' of the letter of reference to the high security hospital by the hospital that wishes to transfer the patient and the assessment by the clinician from the high security hospital are provided ..→2014-07-222014 cases, Brief summary, Miscellaneous, Transcript
MH v MHRT for NI (2014) NIQB 87, (2014) MHLO 48 — The patient challenged the MHRT's decision on the grounds that "(i) the approach of the MHRT was unlawful and that the MHRT had not adopted the narrow focused based approach required under Article 77(1) and Article 2(4) of the Order and, (ii) the MHRT had misunderstood the meaning of "discharge" and had failed to take into account the applicant's stated intention which was to remain in hospital as a voluntary patient if discharged from detention". These challenges were rejected. The tribunal's decision was the only reasonable one on the evidence. 2014-07-222014 cases, Brief summary, Northern Irish cases, Transcript
Practice Guidance: Mental Health jurisdiction: Postponements and adjournments following recent changes in listing practice (2014) MHLO 48 — This document (dated June 2014, published 18/7/14) is based on internal guidance (in January 2014) to salaried tribunal judges and registrars which had set out factors which they 'may wish to take into account' when considering requests to postpone and adjourn a hearing. 2014-07-192014 cases, Transcript, Tribunal resources
R (O) v SSHD (2014) EWCA Civ 990, (2014) MHLO 47 — "This issue on this appeal is whether the Secretary of State for the Home Department ("the Secretary of State") could continue lawfully to hold the appellant, O, in immigration detention from 24 July 2010 to 6 July 2011 notwithstanding a change in the diagnosis of her mental illness and medical opinion that she should be cared for in the community. ... Accordingly, I would dismiss this appeal. The new diagnosis of Dr Agnew-Davies proposed a new treatment for curing her illness but her condition could still be satisfactorily managed in detention. She could still be held in an acceptable stable mental condition in detention under the existing treatment. In any event, there was a risk of reoffending and absconding. While these would have diminished with the passage of time, there still needed to be safeguards if O was released into the community and these were not put in place to the satisfaction of the court until 6 July 2011 when she was in fact released on bail." 2014-07-172014 cases, No summary, Repatriation cases, Transcript
R (Public Law Project) v SSJ (2014) EWHC 2365 (Admin), (2014) MHLO 46 — The proposed legal aid 'residence test' was unlawful: (1) the statutory instrument containing it was ultra vires and unlawful, as LASPO did not permit such a criterion to be introduced by secondary legislation; (2) residence is not a lawful ground for discriminating between those who would otherwise be eligible for legal assistance by virtue of Schedule 1 LASPO. [Detailed WLR (D) summary available.] 2014-07-172014 cases, Detailed summary, Miscellaneous, Transcript
Direction applicable to all Applications and References in Mental Health Cases received by the Tribunal on or before 4 April 2014 but not finally disposed of by the Tribunal on or before date (2014) MHLO 45 — The text of this direction, dated 6/4/14, is as follows: "In accordance with Rule 5(1) and (2), and Rule 34(2)(c) I direct that: (1) In relation to all applications and references in mental health cases received by the tribunal on or before 4th April 2014 but not finally disposed of by the tribunal on or before that date, the appointed Panel Medical Member must, so far as practicable and having regard to any expressed wishes of the patient, examine the patient in advance of the hearing in order to form an opinion of the patient’s mental state; (2) In any such case, the Panel Medical Member may interview the patient in private." 2014-07-112014 cases, Transcript, Tribunal resources
Practice Statement: Delegation of Functions to Staff and to Registrars on or after 10 June 2014 (2014) MHLO 44 — The Practice Statement sets out the functions which may be carried out by clerks and registrars at the Tribunal secretariat. It replaces Practice Statement: Delegation of functions to staff on or after 2 November 2010 (2/11/10) and a further direction (dated 14/1/13) in relation to registrars. In force 10/6/14. 2014-07-112014 cases, Transcript, Tribunal resources
Bostridge v Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust (2014) MHLO 42 (CC) — A tribunal's deferred discharge from s3 had also discharged a subsequent CTO: the purported recall from that CTO, and subsequent detention, had been unlawful; however, because no loss had been shown, following Lumba, nominal damages were awarded in this county court case. 2014-06-172014 cases, Brief summary, Transcript, Unlawful detention cases

The following are the 20 most recently-added cases with the exception of 2014 cases:

Page and summaryDate added to siteCategories
Re Jared Britton (2013) MHLO 146 (FTT) — Extract from decision: "In a decision given on 26 September 2011, the application by Mr Jared Britton that his application dated 4th September 2009 should be held in public was granted. The fact of this decision should be published. The reasons for the decision must not to be made public. An open hearing is now listed at Liverpool Crown Court on Wednesday 3rd April 2013 for an all day hearing starting at 10.30am." 2014-07-172013 cases, Brief summary, First-tier Tribunal decisions, Publicity, Transcript
The Local Authority v HP (2013) EWCOP B40, (2013) MHLO 145 — "The Local Authority have brought proceedings in respect of HP in the Court of Protection and seek final declarations that she lacks the capacity to, firstly, litigate; secondly, marry; thirdly consent to sexual relations; fourthly decide what care package to accept; fifthly, decide where to live and with whom; and, sixthly, decide to have contact with her family and others. ... They now accept that it is not necessary for a declaration in respect of capacity to marry. ... The Local Authority also ask that the court should consider, firstly, whether authorisation should be granted as to HP's deprivation of liberty, and, second, a declaration as to the medical issues of contraception by Depo-Provera injection, and whether it continues to be in her best interest to be provided with such treatment." 2014-05-022013 cases, No summary, Other capacity cases, Transcript
Re Davies (2012) MHLO 184 (LPA) — The donor appointed four attorneys, A, B, C and D, to act jointly and severally, and imposed the following restriction: "The appointment of C and D shall not take effect unless I am mentally and/or physically incapable of managing my affairs and the appointment of C shall not take effect unless she has been in my employment within the period of one month preceding my loss of capacity to manage my affairs." This restriction was severed on the ground that the appointments of co-attorneys cannot be activated at different times. [OPG summary - LPA case.] 2014-04-292012 cases, Brief summary, LPA cases - all, LPA cases - severance of restrictions incompatible with a joint and several appointment, No transcript
Re Buckley (2013) MHLO 144 (LPA) — The donor made an LPA for property and financial affairs and included the following provision: "Assets should be used firstly to ensure the well being and comfort of [my wife] and secondly to meet any urgent need of the families of the Attorneys and thereafter managed until distributed in accordance with the terms of my will." On the application of the Public Guardian the provision was severed. Although the attorneys would have power to maintain the donor's wife (see Re Bloom above), this should not be the priority of the LPA because section 1(5) of the MCA provides that "An act done, or decision made, under this Act for or on behalf of a person who lacks capacity must be done, or made, in his best interests." The attorneys had no authority to meet the needs of their families, as the donor was not under any legal obligation to maintain them. Any maintenance of the families would be a gift which would potentially fall outside section 12 of the MCA 2005. [OPG summary - LPA case.] 2014-04-292013 cases, Brief summary, LPA cases - all, LPA cases - severance of invalid restrictions relating to gifts, No transcript
Re Rider (2013) MHLO 143 (LPA) — The donor made an LPA for property and financial affairs which included the following provision: "No political donations to be made other than to the conservative party." On the application of the Public Guardian the provision was severed on the ground that it contravened section 12 of the MCA 2005. While section 12(2)(b) permits the making of gifts to charities (subject to certain conditions), donations to the conservative party, or any other political party, would not fall within that provision. [OPG summary - LPA case.] 2014-04-292013 cases, Brief summary, LPA cases - all, LPA cases - severance of invalid restrictions relating to gifts, No transcript
Re Barac (2013) MHLO 142 (LPA) — The donor made an LPA for property and financial affairs which included the following provision: "After having taken full regard for my financial welfare and security I want my attorneys to take sensible steps to protect my estate from the effects of taxation [e.g. Inheritance Tax] and be able to create Trusts where beneficial." On the application of the Public Guardian the provision was severed on the ground that it contravened section 12 of the MCA 2005. [OPG summary - LPA case.] 2014-04-292013 cases, Brief summary, LPA cases - all, LPA cases - severance of invalid restrictions relating to gifts, No transcript
Re Bishop (2013) MHLO 141 (LPA) — The donor appointed attorneys to act jointly and severally and included the following provision: "I direct that my attorneys shall endeavour to act jointly on decisions wherever possible. They must only act severally when all practicable steps to act jointly have been made without success. If an attorney must act severally then that attorney must consult the other before making the decision and keep the other informed of any decision made." On the application of the Public Guardian the provision was severed as being incompatible with a joint and several appointment. Although in the guidance section, it was expressed in mandatory terms and was in substance a restriction. [OPG summary - LPA case.] 2014-04-292013 cases, Brief summary, LPA cases - all, LPA cases - severance of restrictions incompatible with a joint and several appointment, No transcript
The Local Authority v Mrs D (2013) EWHC B34 (COP), (2013) MHLO 140 — "These proceedings were heard in private however this judgement is being published at the request of the respondents in order to explain the thinking of the court when approving an agreed order compromising a claim for remedies under s.8 Human Rights Act 1998 ('HRA'), which included a sum in damages, for alleged breaches of a party's rights under Articles 5 and 8 ECHR. ... However, despite this non-admission of liability, the Local Authority had offered in compromise: (a) an apology to Mrs D for the delay in bringing these proceedings; (b) to pay a sum of £15,000 to Mrs D; (c) to pay the reasonable costs of the action incurred by Mrs D's litigation friend; (d) to pay a sum of £12,500 to her husband Mr D; (e) to pay Mr D's reasonable costs of the action. ... For all of the above reasons therefore, the Court's view was that the totality of the compromise represented a reasonable settlement and in the circumstances represented sufficient satisfaction for the alleged breaches of ..→2014-03-052013 cases, Deprivation of liberty, No summary, Transcript
AB v LM (2013) EWHC 1234 (COP), (2013) MHLO 139 — "I find on paying close attention to Dr P's advice, but also considering the contribution of Dr G, that Lisa does possess the abilities required to lead to the conclusion that she has capacity to make decisions about whether or not to have sexual relations. She is somebody who has been full to sexually active in the past; she has had children; she understands the rudiments of the sexual act; she has a basic understanding of issues of contraception and the risks of sexually transmitted diseases. The area in which she is weakest is her ability to understand the implications for herself should she become pregnant. Pregnancy for Lisa would be an extremely serious state of affairs; there can be no doubt about that. But her weakness in that respect does not, for me, lead to the conclusion that her capacity is absent; it argues for her to receive continued safeguarding and help, advice and explanation as and when the question of sexual activity might become a reality." 2014-02-152013 cases, Capacity to consent to sexual relations, No summary, Transcript
Arshad v Court of Magistrates Malta (2013) EWHC 3619 (Admin), (2013) MHLO 138 — Extradition case with mental health background. [Summary required.] 2013-12-302013 cases, No summary, Repatriation cases, Transcript
R v Yusuf (Nadia Ali) (2013) EWCA Crim 2077, (2013) MHLO 137 — The appellant sought a restricted hospital order in place of an IPP sentence, but was unsuccessful as her medical evidence addressed the current situation rather than the situation at the time of sentencing. 2013-12-302013 cases, Brief summary, Sentence appeal cases, Transcript
R (McKay) v SSJ (2013) EWHC 3728 (Admin), (2013) MHLO 136 — Permission to apply for judicial review of the decision to refer the claimant prisoner to a prison Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder (DSPD) unit for assessment was refused because it was 'a classic example of a situation in which two experts disagree' and it was not for the court to interfere and substitute its own view. 2013-12-302013 cases, Brief summary, Miscellaneous, Transcript
R v Kenyon (Lindsay) (2013) EWCA Crim 2123, (2013) MHLO 135 — Unsuccessful appeal against eight-month sentence for eight offences of neglect of a person who lacks capacity contrary to MCA 2005 s44. 2013-12-302013 cases, Brief summary, Criminal law capacity cases, Transcript
R v Anderson (Darren Gabriel) (2013) EWCA Crim 2212, (2013) MHLO 134 — Appellant sought restricted hospital order, in place of IPP and s45A hybrid order, but was unsuccessful. 2013-12-302013 cases, Brief summary, Hybrid order cases, Transcript
Re L (A Child) (2013) EWCA Civ 1557, (2013) MHLO 133 — Mother unsuccessfully sought permission to appeal against Court of Protection order (a) that her son lacked capacity in relation to welfare matters, and (b) that it was in his best interests to remain at his current placement for at least a year and finish at the existing school (as opposed to living with the mother and attending a school near her, or moving to a residential home near the mother and have some education in her area). 2013-12-302013 cases, Best interests, Brief summary, Transcript

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