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The internet resource on mental health law, and mental capacity law, for England & Wales. From April 2006 to September 2010 this website was called Wiki Mental Health. You can read a review of the site here.


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  • 13/10/17 (5): Upper Tribunal case. DL-H v West London MH Trust [2017] UKUT 387 (AAC), [2017] MHLO 33 — Judicial summary from website: (1) "In deciding whether a patient is manifesting religious beliefs or mental disorder, a tribunal is entitled to take account of evidence from both religious and medical experts." (2) "A tribunal is entitled to use its own expertise to make a different diagnosis from those of the medical witnesses, provided it allows the parties a chance to make submissions and explains its decision."
  • 13/10/17 (4): Department of Health, 'Policy paper: Terms of Reference - Independent Review of the Mental Health Act 1983' (4/10/17). Extract from website: "The independent review of the Mental Health Act will: (a) look at how the legislation is currently used; (b) look at its impact on service users, families and staff; (c) make recommendations for improving the legislation and related practices. The review will be chaired by Professor Sir Simon Wessely, a former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He will produce an interim report in early 2018 and develop a final report containing detailed recommendations, by autumn 2018." See Department of Health#Independent review of the MHA 1983

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