Rule 12

Mental Health Review Tribunal Rules 1983 (as amended)

N.B. From 3/11/08 these rules will no longer apply. See Tribunal Rules for details.


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Schedules: 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 2

Explanatory note


Disclosure of documents

12.—(1) Subject to paragraph (2), the tribunal shall, as soon as practicable, send a copy of every document it receives which is relevant to the application to the applicant, and (where he is not the applicant) the patient, the responsible authority and, in the case of a restricted patient, the Secretary of State and any of those persons may submit comments thereon in writing to the tribunal.

(2) As regards any documents which have been received by the tribunal but which have not been copied to the applicant or the patient, including documents withheld in accordance with rule 6, the tribunal shall consider whether disclosure of such documents would adversely affect the health or welfare of the patient or others and, if satisfied that it would, shall record in writing its decision not to disclose such documents.

(3) Where the tribunal is minded not to disclose any document to which paragraph (1) applies to an applicant or a patient who has an authonsed representative it shall nevertheless disclose it as soon as practicable to that representative if he is—

(a) a barrister or solicitor;
(b) a registered medical practitioner;
(c) in the opinion of the tribunal, a suitable person by virtue of his experience or professional qualification;

provided that no information disclosed in accordance with this paragraph shall be disclosed either directly or indirectly to the applicant or (where he is not the applicant) to the patient or to any other person without the authority of the tribunal or used otherwise than in connection with the application.