Rule 10

Mental Health Review Tribunal Rules 1983 (as amended)

N.B. From 3/11/08 these rules will no longer apply. See Tribunal Rules for details.


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Schedules: 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 2

Explanatory note


Representation, etc.

10.—(1) Any party may be represented by any person whom he has authorised for that purpose not being a person liable to be detained or subject to guardianship [or after-care under supervision][1] under the Act or a person receiving treatment for mental disorder at the same hospital or mental nursing home as the patient.

(2) Any representative authorised in accordance with paragraph (1) shall notify the tribunal of his authorisation and postal address.

(3) As regards the representation of any patient who does not desire to conduct his own case and does not authorise a representative in accordance with paragraph (1) the tribunal may appoint some person to act for him as his authorised representative.

(4) Without prejudice to rule 12(3), the tribunal shall send to an authorised representative copies of all notices and documents which are by these Rules required or authorised to be sent to the person whom he represents and such representative may take all such steps and do all such things relating to the proceedings as the person whom he represents is by these Rules required or authorised to take or do.

(5) Any document required or authorised by these Rules to be sent or given to any person shall, if sent or given to the authorised representative of that person, be deemed to have been sent or given to that person.

(6) Unless the tribunal otherwise directs, a patient or any other party appearing before the tribunal may be accompanied by such other person or persons as he wishes, in addition to any representative he may have authorised.