Tribunal Procedure (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Rules 2020

Rule 2 amends the MHT's rules: (1) new power in new rule 5A to dispose of proceedings without hearing if the matter is urgent, it is not reasonably practicable to hold a hearing (including a remote hearing) and it is in the interests of justice to do so. (2) section 2 hearings to start within 10 days rather than 7 days, with an explicit power to ignore this deadline if the tribunal considers it "not reasonably practicable". In force 10/4/20. These rules expired on the same day as section 55(b) of the Coronavirus Act 2020 (public participation in proceedings conducted by video or audio), which was 25/9/22. (3) A further change, relating to public/private hearings, is inserted into the part of the HESC rules which do not apply to mental health cases.