Coronavirus Act 2020

This Act, among other things, amends the MHA 1983 in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The Act is in force on 25/3/20, although s10 and schedules 8-11 (amendments to the MHA and NI/Scottish equivalents) will commence on a date to be specified in regulations. The paragraphs of schedule 8 relating to "Constitution and proceedings of the Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales" came into force on 27/3/20.


Some changes made by SIs, e.g. to the HESC rules, cease to have effect on the same day that, and immediately after, section 55(b) (public participation in proceedings conducted by video or audio) of the Coronavirus Act 2020(1) expires for all purposes. Section 55 was repealed for most purposes on 28/6/22 (Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022) and for all purposes on 25/9/22. See s55 on the website.

MHRT for Wales

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