September 2019 update

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  • Magic Book. The Magic Book is a database of contact details. The main idea is to add the hospitals and other places you visit (not just your own place of work). To create/edit contacts, there is no need to log in and the process is very quick and simple. See Magic Book
  • Mental Health Law Online CPD scheme: 12 points for £60. Obtain 12 CPD points online by answering monthly questionnaires. The scheme is an ideal way to obtain your necessary hours, or to evidence your continued competence. It also helps to support the continued development of this website, and your subscriptions (and re-subscriptions) are appreciated. For full details and to subscribe, see CPD scheme.
  • Cases. By the end of this month, Mental Health Law Online contained 1993 categorised cases


  • Case (Validity of will). Parsonage v Parsonage [2019] EWHC 2362 (Ch) — " The validity of the 2011 Will is challenged by D1 on the grounds that BP lacked capacity (1) to know and understand the nature and effect of the 2011 Will, (2) to know and understand the size of her estate, and/or (3) to know and appreciate the claims to which she ought to give effect. The underlying factual basis of the challenge is the severity or extent of BP's dementia and the circumstances in which the 2011 Will was prepared and executed."


  • Event. Event:PELT: Advanced course for Mental Health Act Administrators (Hoylake, 11/3/20) — "This course assumes basic knowledge and experience and will examine the many demands of the job and provide some effective and legal coping mechanisms. In addition to the MHA, the Code and the Regulations, the course will analyse the relevance and implications of case law. It will also look at how the MCA and DoLs dovetail into the MHA. The course will enable a group of experienced MHAAs to get together and share both the demands of the job and some solutions." Price: £125 plus VAT (£150). See [Price: £125 plus VAT (£150). See Peter Edwards Law Training website for further details and booking information. Peter Edwards Law Training website] for further details and booking information.
  • Event. Event:MHLA: 20th Annual Conference - Birmingham, 22/11/19 — Speakers: Legal Aid Agency; Sir Simon Wessely ('The MHA Review'); Natalya O’Prey ('Secretary of State - improving the Restricted Patient system'); Sarah Johnston DCP ('HMCTS Update'); Dr Harinder Bains; Tam Gill & Laura Janes ('Case law and practice update'). Chaired by Kate Tyrrell. Price: £230 (non-member), £160 (member), £145 (groups of three or more members). See MHLA website for further information and booking details.
  • Event. Event:RAB: AMHP Refresher and Re-approval course - London, 25/11/19 to 27/11/19 — This 3-day course is based near London Bridge station at the London Boroughs' training venue. It prepares AMHPs for re-approval as well as providing 18 hours' training to meet the annual regulations requirement. Speakers: Rob Brown and Christine Hutchison. Cost £400 + VAT. Contact Rob Brown on for further details and booking information.
  • Event. Event:MHLA: Panel course - London, 28/10/19 and 29/10/19 — The MHLA is an approved provider of the two-day course which must be attended by prospective members of the Law Society’s mental health accreditation scheme. Price: £300 (MHLA members); £390 (non-members); £270 (group discount). See MHLA website for further details and to book online.
  • Event. Event:MHLA: Advocacy, Risk and Cross-examination Masterclass - Leicester, 14/10/19 — This one-day course is designed to enhance advocacy and case preparation skills. The focus is on preparing for advocacy, with advice on ‎cross-examination of the medical witnesses and taking evidence-in-chief from the client, along with formulation and delivery of effective submissions. Price: £150 (£195 for non-members). See MHLA website for for further details and booking information.
  • Event. Event:MHLA: Refresher and reaccreditation - Leeds, 2/10/19 — This course will be suitable for those seeking re-accreditation, by: (a) reviewing the legal and procedural developments of the last three years; (b) providing a forum for discussing these along with the re-accreditation process; (c) fulfilling the requirement to obtain six mental health CPD points for re-accreditation. Price: £150 (£195 for non-members). See MHLA website for for further details and booking information.
  • Event. Event:Manchester University/AMHPA: Taking Stock conference - Manchester, 15/11/19 — Taking Stock is an annual national conference jointly promoted by the Approved Mental Health Professionals Association (North West England and North Wales) and the University of Manchester (the Applied Mental Health programme and the School of Law). Speakers: Neil Allen (keynote presentation); Prof Barbara Taylor (The Last Asylum: memories of late 20th century mental health care); Prof Nav Kapur (Risk, recession, mental health services and suicide); Mark Trewin (Update on the work of the Office of the Chief Social Worker); Jake Mills (Compere and update on the Hub of Hope and Chasing the Stigma campaign). Price: £100. For further details and booking information, see the Eventbrite web page.


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