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PELT: Advanced course for Mental Health Act Administrators (Hoylake, 11/3/20)

"This course assumes basic knowledge and experience and will examine the many demands of the job and provide some effective and legal coping mechanisms. In addition to the MHA, the Code and the Regulations, the course will analyse the relevance and implications of case law. It will also look at how the MCA and DoLs dovetail into the MHA. The course will enable a group of experienced MHAAs to get together and share both the demands of the job and some solutions." Price: £125 plus VAT (£150). See [Price: £125 plus VAT (£150). See Peter Edwards Law Training website for further details and booking information. Peter Edwards Law Training website] for further details and booking information.


Date: 11/3/20🔍

Provider: Peter Edwards Law Training🔍

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