Local Government Ombudsman

The LGO has a new power, with effect from 1/10/10, to investigate complaints about privately-arranged and funded adult social care (in addition to the pre-existing power in relation to complaints about care arranged and funded by local authorities). See their website for details.


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  • Health Act 2009 — "An Act to make provision about The NHS Constitution; to make provision about health care (including provision about the National Health Service and health bodies); to make provision for the control of the promotion and sale of tobacco products; to make provision about the investigation of complaints about privately arranged or funded adult social care; and for connected purposes."
  • Health Act 2009 (Commencement No. 4) Order 2010 — This Order brings into force Health Act 2009 s35 which inserts a new Part 3A into the Local Government Act 1974. Part 3A establishes a new scheme for the investigation by a Local Commissioner of complaints about adult social care which is privately arranged or privately funded. See Local Government Ombudsman. In force 1/10/10.

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