Health Act 2009

"An Act to make provision about The NHS Constitution; to make provision about health care (including provision about the National Health Service and health bodies); to make provision for the control of the promotion and sale of tobacco products; to make provision about the investigation of complaints about privately arranged or funded adult social care; and for connected purposes."

MHA 2007

Sch 1 para 3 amends s117 by adding the following subsection:

(2C) References in this Act to after-care services provided for a patient under this section include references to services provided for the patient—
(a) in respect of which direct payments are made under regulations under section 57 of the Health and Social Care Act 2001 or section 12A(4) of the National Health Service Act 2006, and
(b) which would be provided under this section apart from the regulations.

Local Government Ombudsman

Extract from Explanatory Notes: "Section 35 introduces Schedule 5. Part 1 of Schedule 5 inserts a new Part 3A into the Local Government Act 1974. Part 3A establishes a new scheme for the investigation by a Local Commissioner of complaints about adult social care which is privately arranged or privately funded."

Section 35 came into force on 1/10/10 by Health Act 2009 (Commencement No. 4) Order 2010 article 2.


Full text:

Type: UK Public General Act🔍

Year: 2009🔍

Number: 21

Subject: Legislation amending MHA 1983🔍

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