Devon County Council v Manuel Martins and Teresa Kirk [2016] EWCOP 45

Residence - Portugal A consent order signed on 9/2/17, which followed an application notice dated 23/1/17 and the death of Manual Martins on 1/2/17, led to the publication of this judgment of 10/6/16, together with the lifting of all reporting restrictions. Extract from judgment: "These proceedings in the Court of Protection concern an 81 year old man called Manuel Martins, now suffering from dementia. He is currently in Portugal, having been taken there by his sister, Teresa Kirk. Previous orders have been made by other judges of this court ordering his immediate return. To date, Mrs Kirk has failed to comply with those orders and it may be therefore that she is in contempt of court as a result. That is not however a matter for this hearing. Because of the passage of time, I considered it appropriate at an earlier hearing to direct a further assessment of where Mr Martins' best interests lay. The fact is that he has now been living in Portugal for some time and I considered that it would be right in the circumstances to direct a further assessment. That assessment having now been carried out, I have today conducted a hearing to determine whether it is in Mr Martins' best interests to return to this country, to reside at a unit hereafter referred to as "A House" in the town where he lived for many years before going to Portugal, or rather to remain in his current residential unit in Portugal. ... I conclude that the balance plainly comes down in favour of a return to this country and a placement at A House."


Thanks to Colin Challenger (Lamb Chambers) for for providing the consent order.

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Date: 10/6/16🔍

Court: Court of Protection🔍

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