Re Lilia: A London Trust v CD [2021] EWCOP 23

Death following suicide attempt Lilia was in a vegetative state following an unsuccessful suicide attempt on a psychiatric ward. The Trust's clinical treating team argued that continuing treatment was futile and could be unethical. Lilia's mother and sister agreed for treatment to end, but her father argued that she would want to live and that it was too early to end her life given the remote possibility of neurological change that could place her in a minimally conscious state minus. The judge concluded that it was not in Lilia's best interests to administer life-sustaining medical treatment.


The original citation was (2021) EWCOP 23B but the same judgment was published again on BAILII as (2021) EWCOP 727B on 26/3/21.

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Full judgment: BAILII


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Date: 24/3/21🔍

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