Re Goodwin [2013] MHLO 86 (LPA)

The donor appointed three attorneys and two replacements. Regarding the replacements, she directed that if one ceased to act the other could act alone, and added: "She should also make every effort to find one or two replacement attorneys to take over her responsibilities in the event of her own death, or if she no longer has the mental capacity to carry on, so that there is a continuing 'Lasting Power of Attorney' in place during the donor's lifetime." On the application of the Public Guardian this provision was severed on the ground that section 10(8)(a) of the MCA invalidates any provision in an LPA giving an attorney power to appoint a substitute or successor. [OPG summary - LPA case.]


Summary from OPG section of Justice website.

Case title: Re Goodwin (an order of the Senior Judge made on 17 June 2013)

Listed under heading: Appointment of substitute by an attorney

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