Re A (Covert Medication: Closed Proceedings) [2022] EWCOP 44

Covert medication - closed proceedings "This case concerns closed proceedings at which the Court of Protection has authorised the covert administration of hormone treatment to a young woman without the knowledge of her family. A is the subject of these proceedings. B is her mother. This judgment is published as a single judgment but Part One follows a closed hearing on 15 September 2022, to which B was not a party, on the Trust’s application in relation to the covert medication of A. Part Two follows an open hearing involving all parties on 20-22 September 2022. Given my decisions (i) to approve the continuation of covert medication but (ii) to end the closed proceedings and to inform B of the covert treatment of A, I circulated my draft judgment in Part One to all parties’ representatives during the open hearing. B was then made a party to the Trust’s application and the closed proceedings bundle of documents was disclosed to her. At the open hearing I gave oral rulings on the next steps in the proceedings, contact, and reporting restrictions, and informed the parties that I would prepare a written judgment on those issues. I then circulated my full draft judgment. This judgment, approved for publication in anonymised form, includes both the closed and open judgments. The paragraph numbering is consecutive over the two parts."


Also: "A (Covert Medication: Closed Proceedings)"

Previous judgment

"I have taken steps to have the judgment of 18 June 2019, a copy of which HHJ Moir approved for publication, anonymised and published. Its neutral citation number is [2019] EWCOP 68M and it is being published simultaneously with this judgment."


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This case has been summarised on page 14 of 39 Essex Chambers, 'Mental Capacity Report' (issue 127, November 2022).

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