Parole Board, 'Guidance on Restricted Patients and the Mental Health Act' (v1.0, October 2020)

2020-10 Parole Board Guidance on Restricted Patients and MHA.pdf

Parole Board mental health guidance "This guidance provides information on the different types of transfers under the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended 2007) and guidance to Parole Board members sitting in secure mental health settings. This replaces the following pieces of guidance: (1) Member Case Assessment Guidance - Annex 6 - Guidelines for MCA members on assessment of cases where the offender is held within a mental health unit (MHU) establishment. (2) References to the previous guidance have also been removed from: Oral Hearing guide - Chapter 1 - Pre-Hearing Issues (section 5)"


The document was created and is dated 22/10/20. It was published on the website on 2/12/20.


Thanks to Ronald Watson of Turning Point for informing me about this document.

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Type: Guidance🔍

Title: Guidance on Restricted Patients and the Mental Health Act

Organisation: Parole Board🔍

Date: 22/10/20🔍

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