North Bristol NHS Trust v R [2023] EWCOP 5

Caesarean section "This is an application by North Bristol NHS Trust (hereafter “the Trust”) for declarations that R lacks capacity to decide whether or not her unborn baby should be delivered pre-term by elective Caesarean section and that an elective Caesarean section at 34 weeks is in her best interests. ... This case is unusual in that R has not expressed an objection to giving birth by way of Caesarean section. However, the medical team caring for R are concerned that there is a risk that she may ultimately refuse the Caesarean in the same way as she has intermittently refused foetal monitoring, resulting in her physical and/or mental heath being compromised through damage to, or the death of her baby."


Full judgment: BAILII


  • Medical treatment cases🔍

Date: 10/2/23🔍

Court: Court of Protection🔍



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