Mental Health Casework Section, 'Q and A for healthcare professionals and MHCS staff' (30/3/20)

MHCS coronavirus guidance The questions are: (1) Will MHCS relax a requirement that supervisors should have face-to-face contact with patients living in the community, for conditional discharge reports? (2) What happens if a patient, who is detained in hospital, requires urgent treatment as a result of suspected COVID-19? (3) What happens if there is an urgent need to transfer a patient with suspected Covid-19 from one mental health hospital to another? (The document contains a new shorter transfer request template for use in this scenario.) (4) Is there still a requirement to submit Conditional Discharge Reports (CDRs) and Annual Statutory Reports (ASRs)? (5) How do I extend previously granted overnight leave at a community placement, to prevent the need for the patient to go back and forth between the hospital and community placement?


The MOJ web page is called "Guidance: Mental Health Casework Section - Response to Covid-19: Temporary change in processes in response to Covid-19" and the document there is called "Mental Health Casework Section - Q&A for Healthcare Professionals (and MHCS Staff), JANUARY 21".

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This document has been produced in recognition of the current pressures arising from Covid-19. In particular how it is affecting resources across NHS England. This document is time limited and specific to Covid-19 queries. This document seeks to clarify Mental Health Casework (MHCS) existing processes, and highlight where amendments have been made in order to alleviate, wherever possible, increasing strain on these resources.

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Title: Q and A for healthcare professionals and MHCS staff

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Date: 30/3/20🔍

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