LGO decision: Poole Borough Council 06/B/7542 (5/9/07)

Duties under s117.

Report Summary (from report itself)


Mr B Arnold, not his real name, complained that the Council failed to discharge a section 117 order properly in December 2000 in respect of his late mother, Mrs D Arnold. The Ombudsman found that the Council failed to carry out a proper assessment of her mental health needs to establish that section 117 aftercare was no longer required. It also failed to hold a multi-disciplinary meeting, in accordance with the Code of Practice, with the relevant professionals, the patient and her carer or nearest relative to review the care plan. As a result of these failures Mr Arnold had to bear the full cost of care for his mother until she died in April 2002, amounting to £33,455.58.


Maladministration causing injustice.

Recommended Remedy

The Ombudsman recommends that the Council compensates Mr Arnold for the cost of the nursing home fees for his mother from 17 December 2000 until 17 April 2002 (£33,455.58), plus interest at the relevant County Court rate.

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