Form T113: Case management request (November 2022)

T113 (CMR1) Use for interlocutory matters: (1) Postponements/date brought forward/time change; (2) HQ1 extension; (3) Listing window extension; (4) Prohibition of Disclosure of information: (5) Pre-hearing examination; (6) Permission to withdraw an application; (7) Reinstatement of application; (8) Extension of reports submission/reports directions; (9) Rule 11 request; (10) Telephone conference request; (11) Observer request; (12) Other. This is a simplified form, compared with the September 2020 version, with more tick boxes but only one other box which is for providing reasons. Newer version: Form T113 (CMR1): Case management and pre-hearing (v05.23).

Email from MHT, 18/11/22

Dear Tribunal User

Please find attached a new revised T113/CMR form , please can you use this version of the form with immediate effect.

The form has been revised to take account changes in process with respect to offering a preference of a face to face hearing or a video hearing to patients.

I hope you find this. If you do have any questions at all please email

Thank you,


Email from MHT, 22/11/22

Good afternoon,

Please find attached a corrected copy of our new CMR1.

Thank you,


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Type: Tribunal form🔍

Title: CMR1: Case Management and Pre-Hearing

Organisation: Mental Health Tribunal🔍

Date: 8/11/22🔍

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