Varinder Ghaiwal [2022] MHLO 4 (SDT)

Solicitor fined over LPAs Varinder Ghaiwal was fined £6,000 (plus £11,000 costs) for, while acting as certificate provider in respect of a client's two LPAs, failing to verify instructions and failing to ensure that the client understood the purpose of the LPA and/or the scope of the authority they provided. The case arose after the police made a report to the SRA concerning an ongoing investigation into the elderly man's financial affairs. The SRA commissioned an expert report which concluded: "Mr Ghaiwal’s case is that he was a witness, however he was far, far more than that: a certificate provider. His failure to recognise this and therefore his failure to recognise the resulting duties and responsibilities meant that there was an egregious breach of his obligations to [the client]".

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Date: 10/1/22🔍

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  • Case no 12254-2021

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