Upper Tribunal, 'Consultation paper on access to decisions and reporting in UTAAC' (consultation from 10/5/21 to 1/8/21)

2021-05-21 UT Consultation on reporting decisions.pdf

Publishing and reporting UT decisions This consultation sets out the difference between Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber) decisions which are unpublished, published (which have a UKUT neutral citation number) and reported (which in addition have an AACR citation); and the rules and customs for precedent within the UT (AAC). There are two questionnaires (one for social security, and one for everybody else) asking about how you access UT (AAC) decisions and your views on the Administrative Appeal Chamber Reports.


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Type: Consultation🔍

Title: Consultation paper on access to decisions and reporting in UTAAC

Author: Upper Tribunal🔍

Date: 10/5/21🔍

Date closed: 1/8/21🔍

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