Stoke City Council v Maddocks [2012] EWHC B31 (COP), [2012] MHLO 111

(1) One of JM's children, WM, had breached court orders by, amongst other things, (a) arranging for JM to be taken from the care home to hear judgment delivered, and separately to see a solicitor, (b) discussing the possibility of moving back home with him, (c) harassing her father and employees of the local authority and care home. (2) WM was sentenced to five months' imprisonment for contempt because (a) there had been a considerable number of breaches of court orders, and (b) she had no intention, unless restrained by a severe measure by the court, of obeying the orders herself.

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Stoke City Council v Maddocks [2012] EWHC B31 (COP), [2012] MHLO 111


Counsel for the Applicant: Miss Khalique

Solicitor for the First Respondent: Mr Gripton

The Second, Third and Fourth Respondents did not attend and were not represented


SCC v JM, IM, WM, EM (unreported, 31 August 2012)


Thanks to Alex Ruck Keene (39 Essex Chambers) for providing the judgment.

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. The transcript appeared on Bailii in April 2013 with the following note: 'The Judge has agreed that the following parties in the case may be identified: Stoke City Council, the Applicant; John Maddocks, First Respondent (now deceased); Wanda Maddocks, Third Respondent'.

Transcript. Original anonymised version published in November 2012.

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