September 2009 update




  • The Dept of Health are consulting from 10/9/09 to 7/10/09 on proposals for temporary amendments to the Mental Health Act 1983 which may be required in the event of the severe staff shortages that may be expected during an influenza pandemic. See Consultations
  • NHS London published two independent reports into the care and treatment of Peter Bryan. He murdered Brian Cherry in the community in February 2004, was subsequently admitted to Broadmoor and in April 2004 inflicted fatal injuries on Richard Loudwell. The two reports relate to East London NHS Foundation Trust and West London Mental Health Trust respectively. See the new page on Independent inquiries
  • In the future all health and adult social care providers who provide regulated activities will be required to register with the Care Quality Commission. New registration comes into effect on 1/4/10 for NHS trusts (including PCTs) and 1/10/10 for adult social care and independent healthcare providers. See Care Quality Commission
  • From 23/9/09 to 16/12/09 the CPS is consulting on the DPP's interim guidance on assisted suicide. See Assisted suicide or Consultations pages for details
  • The Dept of Health on 18/9/09 published updated lists of Supervisory Body contact details (PCTs and local authorities). See DOLS
  • The Dept of Health published "Information sharing and mental health", guidance which sets out some of the issues relating to the exchange of information between mental health trusts and outside organisations and individuals. See Department of Health
  • The CQC published the results of their 2009 survey of mental health acute inpatient services. See Care Quality Commission
  • The Dept of Health published a fact sheet to assist social scientists meet the requirements of the Mental Capacity Act when carrying out social science research that includes people who lack capacity. See Department of Health


  • CPD questionnaires for all months up to August 2009 are now online. If you need CPD points before the November deadline then consider registering. See CPD scheme for further details.