SL v Ludlow Street Healthcare [2015] UKUT 398 (AAC)

The patient was living outside hospital on s17 leave but was required to attend hospital for fortnightly psychology sessions and a monthly ward round. He challenged the tribunal's decision that it remained appropriate for him to be liable to be detained in hospital under s3 for medical treatment. This was unsuccessful as the tribunal had applied the correct legal test and had applied it properly. The UT judge added that medical treatment includes rehabilitation under medical supervision, which meant that the s17 leave and the rehabilitation provided outside hospital, both of which operated under medical supervision, were themselves part of the treatment plan.

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The Masked AMHP Blog, 'How long can a patient living and receiving treatment outside hospital be considered to be “liable to be detained in a hospital for treatment”? Recent case law' (6/8/15)

[2015] MHLO 60