S119 text

Practitioners approved for Part IV and section 118

119.—(1) [The regulatory authority][1] may make such provision as [it][1] may with the approval of the Treasury determine for the payment of remuneration, allowances, pensions or gratuities to or in respect of registered medical practitioners appointed [by the authority][1] for the purposes of Part IV of this Act and section 118 above and to or in respect of other persons appointed for the purposes of section 57(2)(a) above.

(2) A registered medical practitioner or other person appointed [...][1] for the purposes of the provisions mentioned in subsection (1) above may, for the purpose of exercising his functions under those provisions [or under Part 4A of this Act],[2] at any reasonable time—

(a) visit and interview and, in the case of a registered medical practitioner, examine in private any patient detained [in a hospital or registered establishment or any community patient in a hospital or [regulated establishment (other than a hospital)][3] or (if access is granted) other place];[2] and
(b) require the production of and inspect any records relating to the treatment of the patient [there].[2]

[(3) In this section “regulated establishment” means—

(a) an establishment in respect of which a person is registered under Part 2 of the Care Standards Act 2000; or
(b) premises used for the carrying on of a regulated activity, within the meaning of Part 1 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008, in respect of which a person is registered under Chapter 2 of that Part.][3]